our week through a camera lens...

Christmas is almost here! It's hard to believe it's even December with the temperature being in the 40's and not a patch of snow to be seen. I think this is unusual for WI, considering my last few winters here, but I haven't really lived here that long.
It's been so much fun getting ready for Christmas this year; Feathered Designs has been slower than usual this season and I've been able to take the extra time to actually enjoy hustle and bustle of the holidays and to keep in mind the whole reason we even celebrate Christmas! The birth of our savior always seems to get lost when I am overworked and rushing to get everything on my shopping lists.
I love having time to just enjoy life!!!!

Madey and I had a lunch date at McD's. Don't judge!! It's a great place to play on a cold afternoon AND this pregnancy, like the last one, has left me with a serious craving for buffalo sauce!
For those who don't know, I'm due in April and it's a boy!!

Our usual trip to the post office.

Saturday morning coffee date! Were at our local CoOp today which has amazing pastries...

... and good coffee! I leave it for two seconds and this is what happens. It's not even a tasty late, it's just black coffee!!

Menards is like our second home, we are always here!
This trip was pricing out our bathroom remodel...

... and trust me, we ALL needed coffee for this trip!

Grandma and Grandpa!! We went to see Aunt Julie's Christmas concert.
I have to say it was the first time I've ever been to a Christmas concert and it was so much fun! The choir sounded amazing in the big stone cathedral.

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