my week through the lense of a camera...

It's been another full week around the Olson house. Partying, visiting with family and lots and lots of business/work with Feathered Designs!
Happy First Birthday Madelyn Ray!!! I can't believe my baby is a year old already, how time flies.
The birthday cake turned out SOO cute!! A lot of work though....
I love when brides contact me to do a custom job! It give me a chance to step out of usual and try something new. This order resulted in FD getting a bran new product!!'s been a long week!
My latest project! I rescued this window from someones trash (yes, I do this!) and it has been sitting in the basement all winter. This window go 5 layers of Looking Glass mirror paint and will get a fresh coat of white gloss paint before it is mounted on the wall!! I love how it is looking so far. The Looking Glass paint gives it a "foggy" mirror which makes for a beautiful vintage look!
Finally done!! I have been looking out the window every day this spring wishing these beds would just build themselves and sprout plants...unfortunately that did not happen so Johnny came out and helped me get is all finished. Love my handy man husband!!