I have come to realise that dying my own feathers is less of a headache than having to rely on a supplier to get me the right color...
Spilling boiling dye on my hands, being frustrated for not getting that perfect color the first time, drying out my hands from using the blow drier for 30 min. straight to dry feathers and yes...much less of a headache!!! I have spent the last 3 days up to my elbows in feathers and dye and my house reeks of mothballs and vinegar, oddly enough. But I love my work!
F.D. has given me a much need creative outlet and getting paid to be creative is "the cherry on top". What a blessing, I get to be a wife, mom and a semi-successful artist!
Today is a break from feathers and a focus on my entryway. Thanks to The Nate Show, which I faithfully watch every afternoon, I now feel the pressure to get that stack of frames I've set aside, painted/stained and put up. Pressure is good, I just hope I don't get too obsessed!! *Pictures soon to follow...
Hope all goes well today!

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  1. Hey Joanna!! Love your post. The things we do to make beautiful stuff is crazy lol.